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October 4, 2013
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Ludus Chaos 1st: Ramon by mesmyr Ludus Chaos 1st: Ramon by mesmyr


Update [26/03/2014]

Name: Ramon 

Gender: female

Age: N/A

Race: Undead/ Banshee

Height: 172 cm 





Ability [Undead] is the ability that keeps her body up together preventing ageing/decay, illness and in most cases death  (see Other*). 



Ability [Painless] - can barely experience any pain, however, the rest of her senses are reduced accordingly - aka can't experience taste of food or a warmth of touch, etc.


Minor ability [Daywalker] - as any banshee, Ramon doesn't turn to dust in sunlight though suffers slight penalty and minor weakness when directly exposed to light.




:bulletblack:lvl 1 keening - High-range sonic "song" that does not make any direct damage but may cause confusion. Target range = 10-15 meters. Can use repeatedly without a recoil.

:bulletblack:lvl 2 keening - stronger sound wave, reaches targets within 25 meters. Causes sickness for the ones who get into 8 meters zone; for the ones within 3 meters is capable to boost up blood pressure to hazardous. Milder effect would be a nosebleed or ear bleeding, then comes brain contusion.

NOTE: She suffers recoil from using keening lvl 2 - blindness, deafness or muteness. it also takes 1 day to cool down. 

:bulletblack:lvl 3 keening - sound wave that is strong enough to cause pulse effect. The strength of the wave ranges; in most successful outcome may reach up to 15 meters. Needs 3 days to cool down :icondragonbornplz:

:bulletblack:lvl Zero keening - hypnotizing song that causes euphoria - busts overwhelming ecstatic emotions.. since this ability is based on hearing perception not every character can be affected by it, however, even undeads with low physical sensibility might be affected.

NOTE: Characters with strong willpower/high mentality are likely to resist [Keening] it may also be harmless to the ones with weaker hearing, though is effective against beasts and ones with exceptional hearing senses.


Talent [Agility and Flexibility]


She is fast in dodging despite the high heels she’s always wearing. Though her physical built is weak and the average impact may cause some real damage which takes time to recover. 

Ramon’s body is somewhat stiff but thanks to her anatomy (see Other**) and [Painless] ability she is able to twist in the way that normal body wouldn't. this does not prevent natural injuries that occur after such performances, aka if she bends abnormally - bones break and so on.


Skill [Intimidation] - Ramon rarely threatens people but if she does then one probably gave her a reason to. Because of her unusual aura and appearance she gets some extra points while causing fear. Sure one with high mentality and resistance to fear can bypass this skill.


Faction: Xaphan, The Undead Empire :iconludusxaphaniansplz:

Occupation: Necropolitician-Executive


Rank: Noble


Class: Inquisitor


  • [Bodyguard] - a ghoul that follows Ramon everywhere she goes. TBA - Coming up as 3rd character.   
  • [Schedule book] – a personal notebook with all sorts of vital information that Ramon never leaves behind. 
  • Prize item from Act 1: something enchanted with shadow magic, something.... :iconpapplz: - once a day can take shadow form for short duration. 
  • [Silver comb] - beautifully crafted item.


Character History: 

  • [Life and Turning]

She used to be a sidhe who served at a noble's house as a laundry girl. Long story short she was drowned in a lake because of a lovestory reasons. 

  • [Early Ages ]

Her hatred for betrayal was so strong that she's decided to give up on her soul, became a Banshee and haunted the members of that noble family for what they did. So ever since, the men in family would die once they leap over their 23th birthday. Though, one day, a bastard boy from another laundry's girl was born. For some reason he was the one to break the curse and didn't die as the rest of men before him, none the less he was still haunted by the evil spirit. Kid became a noble knight and Banshee was always next to him. Eventually, her presence drove him crazy (link to the Related Entry) - whatever he did, knight would never die. 

Such anomaly was short to notice and he was accused of the use of dark magic. Man was executed and even banshee, who chased Death away from him couldn't help it. After knight's death she took his name - Ramon. 

  • [Later Ages - "the new purpose"]

Her hatred to the mortal kind gradually grew, all she saw in mortals was fear and injustice. After years of wandering she found herself related to Xaphan and thanks to her outstanding loyalty and precise executive nature she quickly made her way into the politics. For a long time she's been doing the job that she was told to and silently waited for her moment to come. Delicately taking out her opponents at the Parliament she managed to climb up the ladder securely settling as a politician executive. 

  • [Current Activity]

Ramon gladly embraces the role of the formal and informal executive and does all the dirty job that other politicians don't to keep their hands clean. Most of her time she spends dealing with her political foes and performing unofficial interrogations, she also does bit of espionage. 



perfectionist/ cold/ disciplined/ manipulative / workaholic 

Through most of the time Ramon is a type that gives people chills. One of her dominant traits is an extreme dedication to what she does and who she serves. She isn't the one to be easily excited or surprised. Earning her sympathy is a challenge but she feels rather attracted to the ones with power and strong personality. 



- Interrogating people with strong will
- Work according to structure and plan
- Taking luxury baths and looking after her body
- Messing with people’s minds


- Chaos and bad structure
- Improvisation and high optimism
- Imbeciles who think highly of themselves
- Someone ignoring orders
- When the nail breaks





- Insomnia: suffers chronic insomnia

- Ramon treasures her body and spends a lot of time taking care of it. 

- She has a set of carvings and piercings on her forehead, chest, pelvis, hands and feet. (ref on request)

- If she has a blank stare while putting on her leather gloves means someone will have a bad time.


- * Banshee has a simple body that is as vulnerable as any other mortal body (tissue can be cut, burned, bones broken, etc.) however, the outcome won't be fatal unless she is beheaded. With time, all bits would regenerate. It takes days, weeks or months for the serious injuries to completely vanish.

- ** Anatomy - skeleton and muscle system is somewhat similar in structure to a human body but Ramon does not have a full set of body organs. A pool of stiff black goo’eness is most of what she has inside and she would "bleed" only if seriously injured.

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